A boy with Autism was such a big fan of the show 'Pawn Stars' that he sent them his Game Boy just to sell something to the show. What he got in return from the show's cast was absolutely priceless that he'll remember for a lifetime.

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

This is a story that would most certainly make Judi say "Are you CRYING?" If you are a fan of the show 'Pawn Stars,' you may b an even bigger fan after what they did for a young fan.

The boy's mother attached a letter explaining how her son was a fan of the show and mentioned that they didn't need to buy it from him. The mom' pre-cursor letter probably didn't prepare her for what her son received in return.

Rick Harrison, one of the star's of the show, sent the boy back a letter to thank him with $30 for the price of the Game Boy and returned his Game Boy on top of it. See more about this heartwarming story in the video below.