When you hear that a group of children under the age of 10 mercilessly torture an alley cat causing it to bleed profusely and eventually die, you wonder what makes them this cruel.

Home environment?

Have they been desensitized to violence because of video games, TV, and other forms of media?

You want to know the root cause so that it doesn’t happen again – but in the meantime you’re left with the punishment that needs to be imposed.

What should that be punishment be?

At the present time, the students, all thought to be 4th and 6th graders, have been suspended from school for 5 days.

Obviously the criminal justice system will be involved.
What course of action should a prosecutor (in this case the Passaic County Prosecutor) and a judge pursue?

Psychiatric evaluation isn’t enough.

Despite their age, they've already been desensitized to violence – and one way I feel to break that cycle would be a stint in a juvenile facility.

If left to their own devices, who knows what they look to harm next.