Wouldn't you know it?

My high temperature forecast of 70s for Newark fell five degrees short.  Newark didn't get any higher than anybody else.

Atlantic City International Airport was 74, so was Newark Liberty Airport.  It was a little bit cooler elsewhere.

Today's high temperatures will be in the low 70s with patchy clouds and some sunshine.  It'll probably be in the upper 60s along the coast with still reasonably low humidity.

Tonight, I am mentioning some clear skies. I am not overly confident of that because there will be partial cloudiness overnight.  But, at least, some clear skies and some stars with temps in the 40s, 55-60 in urban and coastal areas.

A partly sunny Friday with highs in the low to middle 70s, but cooler near the ocean.

Lots of sunshine this weekend with temps again the low to middle 70s and still cooler along the coast.

Any storm system that develops off the southeast coast this weekend will be moving north, far enough out to sea to not have any impact on New Jersey's weather.