West Paterson in Passaic County is the latest New Jersey community to receive a piece of original steel from the World Trade Center to honor the victims and remember the attacks of September 11th, 2001.

Acting Governor Kim Guadagno and Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Deputy Executive Director Bill Baroni visited Woodland Park today to present the steel for inclusion in the West Paterson First Aid Squad’s public memorial.

Twelve New Jersey municipalities, community organizations and first aid squads have been presented with steel from the World Trade Center to include in public memorials to honor the victims so far.

 “It is very meaningful to me to present this piece of steel from the World Trade Center for the West Paterson First Aid Squad’s 9/11 memorial,” said Acting Governor Guadagno. “This memorial will stand as a reminder today and well into the future of those who perished in the attacks of 9/11, and that we must always be vigilant in protecting our nation and the freedoms we as Americans cherish.”

 During the rescue and recovery efforts at the World Trade Center following the attacks of September 11, 2001, artifacts were identified among the wreckage and preserved for their historical significance. Stored at Hanger 17 at John F. Kennedy International Airport, these artifacts include various pieces that have been cataloged by a professional curator to ensure they were kept as close as possible to their original condition.

“Pieces of World Trade Center steel can now be found in all 50 states and 7 foreign countries. It is a sacred mission for the Port Authority to ensure that people everywhere can see the physical manifestation of what was lost in the attacks on September 11,” said Port Authority Deputy Executive Director Bill Baroni.

“We do this to honor – and to remember – all those who didn’t return to their homes and famliles that day.”A piece of World Trade Center steel was also placed at the Empty Sky Memorial at Liberty State Park, which was dedicated on September 10, 2011 in honor and memory of the 746 New Jerseyans that lost their lives on 9/11. Last March, a piece of steel, along with an urn of Trade Center dust and an American flag, was put on display in the Statehouse Rotunda for visitors to view.