There is a childhood obesity epidemic in this country and we all know kids are eating more sugar than they should.  Despite the awareness about healthy foods, parents are still bringing the bad stuff into their homes.  That's according to Dietitian with the New Jersey Dietetic Association Dr. Felcia Stoler.

"Children don't drive themselves to the grocery store, they aren't bringing the foods home and into the house," said Stoler.  "It's important for parents to lead by example.  You can't tell a child to eat the broccoli and then not touch it yourself."

"I'm not saying that children should never have junk food.  Everything in moderation.  But, they don't need cakes and cookies and things like that every, single day," said Stoler.  "In the grocery store, it's important to seek out whole grains, fruits, vegetables and dairy products to ensure that children are getting all of the nutrients that they need."