The legalization of marijuana, which is already happening in Washington and Colorado is getting on more radars as a Pennsylvania state lawmaker is proposing that the herb be sold in state stores.

Marijuana plant (David McNew, Getty Images)


State Senator Daylin Leach, a Democrat from suburban Philadelphia, said in a news conference he would have marijuana sales essentially treated the same as liquor. But what if the state store model of alcohol sales is changed, as has been proposed?

“Then marijuana would presumably – although it would have to be spelled out in legislation — be treated as alcohol would be under the new regime.”

Leach believes in the long term, legalizing pot is inevitable – in part because of young people. “They have very little interest in continuing prohibition,” Leach says. I’m guessing the older people aren’t to interested in it either.

Of course there is opposition, a Franklin and Marshall College Poll released just last week says Pennsylvania voters under 35 were evenly divided on the question. Poll Director Terry Madonna says, “It’s certainly at least a decade away.”


Despite broad support for medical marijuana, the F&M Poll shows overall Pennsylvanians oppose recreational marijuana by a 19-point margin.

But at least now, the legalization of marijuana is in the conversation, and if it were to come that close to New Jersey, could that make it happen here?

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