Road rage has been a hot topic today as a survey recently came out that claims more women have road rage than men. I decided to ask Josh, who just started interning at New Jersey 101.5 what he thought about it. When I first asked Josh about his commute when he started, he said it was fine. His thoughts have changed quickly as he's now had to adapt to dealing with other commuters on New Jersey highways in the morning.

I had Josh write out his thoughts about driving to the studio everyday, and it's safe to say that Josh has found his inner-road rage. I wouldn't recommend doing any of these, but hey, desperate times call for desperate measures. Check it out below:

When I think of road rage, I think of your average muscle-head driver following someone home or cutting them off, but I never thought of the average commuter on their way to work.

By no means have I ever considered myself a patient person, but I never knew until recently that I might possibly have a mild case of road rage. I’ve always considered myself a defensive driver, but if there is another driver daydreaming in the left lane, it’s time to hit the offensive switch.

If you’re stuck behind someone like this (like I am every day on my two-lane commute to work), here’s a list of things you shouldn’t, but might end up doing to get them out of your way that I've tried out over the last week or so.

  • Tailgating: No one feels comfortable with another car closing in on their back, so tailgating should get your left lane dud out of the way.
  • High Beams: If you’re already tailgating, hit the brights. If they didn’t notice you behind them before they should now.
  • Honk: If they still haven’t noticed you, a nice long honk will definitely get the message across.
  • Swerving: Swerving usually gets the job done, because at this point the driver in front of you will think you’re crazy or intoxicated (or both) and immediately get out of your way.
  • An (inappropriate) Hand Gesture: Use hand gestures to let the driver know that you are unhappy with their driving.
  • Throw Something: If the driver responded to your hand gesture with a hand gesture of their own, roll down the window and throw whatever you can find at them.
  • Shoulder Pass: If you are still stuck, it’s time to make moves and create a new lane on the shoulder.
  • Scream: If none of this is working for you, take all your anger out and scream. Screaming may not get these drivers out of your way, but it will make you feel much better.

Have you ever tried any of these tactics? Let us know in the comment section below.