Dennis has a special guest joining him in studio all this week and it is none other than "One Funny Mother" Dena Blizzard! They started out the show this week by discussing Dena's recent bout with strep throat.

(Flickr photo via Eric C Bryan)

Dena was saying how it took her a while to recover and doesn't really have a good method or remedy to recover from an illness. While Dennis felt some kind of illness coming on Friday, took a couple of doses of Zycam and never really got any worse after that.

So Dennis and Dena decided to open it up to the listeners and find out what remedies and methods they use to either prevent or recover from an illness.

Here are some of the best remedies we received over the hour:


Sue in Toms River -

For sore throats - gargling with salt water


Janice in Toms River-


Deanna in Hammonton-

Hot sauce in soup and using a Neti pot

Aaron in Piscataway-

Theraflu and Aleve

Mike in Southampton-

Robitussin and Ocean Spray Saline solution

Marie in Glassboro-

Flu patches

Patrick on the Turnpike-

Compound Goldenseal

Andrea in PA -

Uses therapeutic grade oils

Paul in Jackson-



What are your remedies that get you through a cold or illness? Leave your picks below.