After a ten year layoff, David Bowie is coming out with a new album. Aerosmith also released new music towards the end of 2012.

Rob Loud/Theo Wargo, Getty Images

Do you care? I find it ironic that in music, the older you get, the less people want to hear from you. What’s the best recent album you’ve heard from a classic rocker?  Is it because we’re in a different place? Or maybe they are, or perhaps the world is.


When Glenn Stuart from The B Street Band was with me during Christmas week I asked him what Springsteen songs people want to hear when he plays and without hesitation he replied, "the old stuff."


An old radio friend told me the best music you’ve ever heard was the stuff that was out when you lost your virginity. It seems like we put these artists in a box and no matter how much they keep growing, we really only want to hear a certain 5 year piece of their career. Having said that, is there anything that we are missing? What recent album by a classic rocker should we be listening to?  Please leave your choices below.