As Halloween is right around the corner, the Ocean County Paranormal gang heads out to the Burlington County Prison Museum for a scary new episode. We even may have caught some spirit activity right on camera!

In Segment 1, Justin and Boni tour the prison and the most active locations. Right away, could a killer have been letting us know that he was there with us?


Check out the EVP's that Justin referred to:

"You shouldn't make noise"

"Shut up"

And here are the pictures from the gallows:

Photos by Justin Louis

So why might the prison be haunted? In Segment 2, we sit down with Prison Historian Marisa Bozarth to get into the history of the 200 year old jail, answer some of your questions, plus we get details on the Prison's scary Halloween events:


Listen to the EVPs from the Warden's office for yourself:

"I love you"


You can get more information on Burlington County Prison Museum's Halloween haunted house here.

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