The recent reports of NYPD units conducting surveillance on some Muslim groups here in New Jersey provoked quite a bit of outrage among the Muslim community, and stoked calls for investigations.

Recently, the Attorney General for New Jersey Jeffery Chiesa stated that New York investigators did no wrong in their surveillance.

However, that did little to please those who feel they were unfairly targeted.

The question befor you is the following:

Do you feel that a lawsuit against the NYPD being brought about by New Jersey Muslim groups is justified?

The groups are saying that the surveillance of Muslims based on faith be declared unconstitutional.

a federal lawsuit filed in Newark today, the NYPD’s years long surveillance of Muslim businesses and mosques throughout the Northeast denigrated the Islamic faith and violated the constitutional rights of countless Muslim-Americans.

The suit, which is the first legal challenge of the NYPD's spy operations, could mark the beginning of a historical movement, said Sarhana Khera, who’s the executive director of Muslim Advocates, filing the suit on behalf of several New Jersey residents said, "This lawsuit is perhaps the most important legal challenge brought to date by American Muslims."

The eight plaintiffs are all Muslims from New Jersey and include a U.S. Army reservist, a Newark business owner who served in Vietnam and the imams of several mosques who were targeted by the NYPD Surveillance and Demographics unit.

Glenn Katon, the legal director for Muslim Advocates said that the suit is calling for a "declaratory judgment" which labels specific surveillance of Muslims based on faith unconstitutional.

Katon is also seeking a court order prohibiting the NYPD from future surveillance of Muslims based on faith and the destruction of all records compiled by the NYPD during its spy operations.

All eight plaintiffs were New Jersey residents that were in one way or another watched during NYPD's operations including at least two members of Rutgers' Muslim Student Association.

My question is how do they feel denigrated by the surveillance operations themselves?

Shouldn’t these groups and individuals be more concerned with the denigration brought about by terrorist elements operating within their midst?