Recently, there was a study that was done that proved that 53% of the people who participated developed some form of anxiety when being separated from there cell phone.  From this study Nomophobia was born and proved that a fear that once would make zero sense is actually not uncommon in 2012.  Majority of people now have smart phones that have almost endless capabilities.  So this of course raises the question, what causes more of an anxious feeling? Is it not wanting to miss a text message from a particular person? Is it not being able to update our Facebook or Twitter the second we think of something worth posting?  The truth is that our phones have grown into simply an extension of who we are.  It is the tool of which we are able to make a footprint in our cyber world by constantly posting, commenting, and verifying our existence.  And to be honest, I'm actually okay with taking the first step.  My name is Alex Dutton and I have Nomophobia... Wait, where's my phone?