Ed Forchion, better known as NJ Weedman, sent a press release over to Jim Gearhart this morning where he discusses his current court case, as well as running for office here in NJ.   Below is NJ Weedman's latest press release as well as a video below.

My current case of State of New Jersey (Evesham twp) Vs Forchion.


I am Edward Forchion candidate for Burlington County FREEHOLDER and I am a Medical marijuana patient/defendant. I'm invoking the "MEDICAL NECESSITY DEFENSE" per (State Vs Tate) http://www.judiciary.state.nj.us/mcs/case_law/198_njsuper_285.pdf


I'm a Candidate for Burlington County Freeholder under the Libertarian Marijuana Party. I was charged on 4/15/2013 with possession of marijuana after a traffic stop in which i was a passenger. I suffer from painful benign bone tumors and use marijuana instead of the dangerous addictive chemical drugs the Democratic and Republican Parties try to force people like me to use. Recently Gov. Christie proposed a new amendment to ban THC-Brownies.

On 9/8 at the Evesham Twp Municipal Court I will dis-regard Gov Christie's ban on Edibles and consume cannabis edibles at court.

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