Speeders beware on Interstate 80.

Exit to Interstate 80 in Teaneck (YouTube)

The New Jersey State Police is joining law enforcement throughout the country for the "I-80 Challenge Highway Safety Initiative."

Troopers along the interstate will target motorists who speed, drive drunk or don't wear seatbelts through the end of the month. Officials say the number of crashes increase during the summer.

The Initiative, which has the slogan "More Cops, More Stops," was created by the Iowa Department for Public Safety after an analysis of data showed a dramatic increase in accidents on I-80 in the summer reports USA Today.

It is believed to be one of the largest joint law enforcement efforts "In the new highway (funding) bill, Congress made it easier for states to do joint efforts like this,"Jonathan Adkins, deputy executive director of the Governors Highway Safety Association, told USA Today.  "Prior to (that bill), it was very hard for states to spend money for joint enforcement programs. I would expect that this is the first of many of this type of effort."

There were 13 crashes resulting in 14 deaths on Interstate 80 in New Jersey in 2012. This year, there have been four crashes on I-80 in New Jersey resulting in four deaths. State Police say that's a nearly 43 percent decrease from this time last year.

The Associated Press contributed to this report