GOP State Senator Joe Kyrillos who is running against Democrat Bob Menendez for one of New Jersey’s two U.S. Senate seats was quoted in a published article saying he might support “smart” tax hikes on the rich. One State Senate Democrat could hardly wait to call out Kyrillos who recently voted against a millionaires’ tax increase in the Garden State.

“If Senator Kyrillos has truly seen the light and now understands that the wealthy must carry their fair share of the tax burden, then I want to be the first to say, ‘Put your legislative action where your mouth is,’” says Senator Linda Greenstein, a member of the New Jersey Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee. “For too long, New Jersey’s middle class has been footing the bill for government programs, services and paying down our deficit, while the wealthiest among us received tax breaks. Until now, Joe Kyrillos has accepted this status quo, but now he agrees that is not acceptable to New Jersey’s middle class.”

Before Greenstein could extend her invitation, Kyrillos sent out an email clarifying his stance. He wrote, “My position continues to be what I outlined in my comprehensive jobs plan – cut income tax rates for every family and small business, reduce our job-killing corporate tax and close the special interest tax loopholes favored by Bob Menendez’ lobbyist pals, including management fees that get treated as capital gains rather than personal income. A simpler, more efficient tax code will reward hard work, boost job creation, and raise revenue by growing the economy.”

Greenstein responded by saying, “I want to provide Senator Kyrillos with a great opportunity to prove that his break from one of the most definitive parts of the Ryan budget is not just a snow-job to curry voters’ favor. I invite him to add his name to the legislation and demonstrate his sincere commitment to ‘smart’ tax increases on wealthier residents for the sake of a more fair and equitable distribution of the New Jersey’s tax burden.”