Republican Senate Candidate Steve Lonegan joined Dennis and Judi on air today (7/18) for a quick segment.

Steve Lonegan (Facebook)

Dennis and Judi posed a great question right out of the gate to Lonegan and one that many NJ residents are wondering. In the "Cult of Personality" era, with Democratic candidate Newark Mayor Cory Booker being such a huge personality, how can Lonegan overcome the "brand" that is Cory Booker?

Lonegan said that he has faith in the voters and their concern over the issues over the fact that Cory Booker may be the household name.

To learn more about Steve Lonegan's campaign, visit his website:

If you missed any portion of the interview Dennis and Judi conducted with Steve Lonegan this morning, you can listen to it in its entirety in the audio player below.

Does a candidate's personality affect your vote?