Although rare, school shootings like the one in Chardon, Ohio, capture the attention of every parent and teenager nationwide. Do New Jersey students feel safe at school?

It's one of Joshua Bass' worst fears. The Toms River father says the fatal shooting in Ohio is a horrible tragedy and he worries about his own daughter's safety everyday.

"I have a young girl and it makes me think twice about whether to send her to public school or home school her. It's sad that its come to this these days."

While many New Jersey students say they do feel safe in the classroom, others say security plans are lax and often not enforced.

"There are signs that say that doors should be locked at all times but they aren't, students let people in the building" said a sophomore at Central Regional High School in Bayville.

"A lot of rules just are not followed and kids don't take violence prevention seriously" said another teen.

"I think schools could have more security measures in place to keep us safe" said a junior at Toms River South.

A few parents said schools should be required to have metal detectors and school officials should closely monitor cyber-bullying.

"Facebook, social networking sites and bullying seems to be a trigger of a lot of these school shootings around the country and I think while parents should be involved, administrators should also focus on what students are doing" said Bass.

"Columbine, Virginia Tech, this Ohio shooting...I mean you just never know what can happen and where, its scary" said a Toms River North student.