Following a gathering of New Jersey education officials and school administrators, acting state Education Commissioner Christopher Cerf commented on this week's Ohio high school shooting that left three students dead and others wounded.

"It is, indeed, a tragedy - one that as hard as we all work to avoid, seems to be a reoccurring one," Cerf said at Jackson Liberty High School.

Cerf continued, "Our hearts go out to those who are affected by this particular, very tragic set of events."

T.J. Lane, a 17 year old student, was taken into custody following the attack at Chardon High School. Lane told authorities he stole the gun from his uncle.

Meanwhile, the shooting rampage left many wondering how probable it is to see a similar attack in the Garden State.

Cerf told reporters the state's schools do a number of things to prevent such a tragedy from occurring locally, thanks to a line in funding called security aid.

"We have given schools a sum of money to form effective policies and make appropriate investments in guarding against this kind of tragedy," Cerf said.

He said New Jersey's educators and administrators have been made "acutely aware" of risks and dangers, and they even have plans in place to deal with tragic situations, should they emerge.

Cerf agreed parents and students should be advised of warning signs, but he added, "I don't know that there's any science to identifying the sort of predictive indicators of such an irrational act."

Courtesy Associated Press