Al Kelly, Getty ImaThe 2012 Indianapolis Super Bowl host committee estimates that the weeklong event brought in between $125 and $400 million in economic revenue to the city.

Meadowlands officials have taken notes as they start to prepare for MetLife Stadium to host the game in just two years.

From skiing in Sussex County to trips to Atlantic City, Liberty State Park and numerous restaurants, Meadowlands Chamber of Commerce CEO Jim Kirkos hopes to capitalize on a unique economic opportunity for New Jersey in 2014.

"That's my goal is to make sure that visibility is out there and that our members and businesses in New Jersey can benefit from that. I think the event will bring in close to $500 million and what the state gets from that will largely depend on what parties are planned here using what facilities."

Kirkos says he was in Indianapolis during this year's Super Bowl where he and other state officials started the planning process.

"They did a great job out there and we have to be prepared in terms of security, transportation, hospitality, there is a lot of work to do."

He says the challenge will be how to connect the New Jersey experience with New York. "There is the question of how do you get around between both places....and I think that will depend on where the venues are set up and how that will work."

Despite the lack of a traditional "downtown" area, Kirkos says New Jersey has a lot to offer footfall fans.

"We're close to 12,000 hotels in the greater Meadowlands area, we Monmouth Park and other racing facilities, Medieval Times...there is a lot to do here and of course we can tie that in with our neighbors in New York as well."

Kirkos says no matter what city you go to, the festivities vary at every Super Bowl. "We are next to one of the greatest cities in the world with New York on our border and I think we can offer people a great East Coast experience...and hopefully if we do it right, the NFL will want to host another Super Bowl up here in the future, that would really be the cherry on top of the ice cream sundae."