Today in New Jersey’s First News:

A curious situation at the New Jersey lottery.  A recent investigation found a large number of lottery agents or the family are winning big prizes, totaling nearly 1.8 million dollars.  A woman who runs a store in ocean county is the state's most prolific winner: cashing in tickets for 134 prizes.  A family that runs a food store in Atlantic County has cashed 368-winning tickets.  The lottery is investigating.  Some are speculating the agents are cashing in other people's tickets, in exchange for a percentage of the winnings.

After four public hearings around the state on finding a revenue source to replenish the almost broke transportation trust fund, the assembly transportation panel chief is ready to move on proposals. This month the revenue raising rubber really meets the road.

A Jersey naturalist and snake expert is getting skewered on social media for what most think was a lame Discovery special called ‘Eaten Alive.’  At the end of the hour special Paul Rosalie hadn't caught the 25-foot snake he went hunting for in the amazon, then tried unsuccessfully to be eaten by a captive snake.

A south Jersey mom is charged with hosting a raucous and violent birthday party for her 19-year old son where she freely gave booze to the kids.  Police say 40-year old Andrea McNulty hosted the booze bash at her riverside home for 50-kids.  One partygoer was beaten unconscious as things got out of hand and had to be taken to the hospital.  Just two days before that party, police arrested her son after they pulled over his car and found pot.

A Jersey college student trying to do the right thing, ended up getting stabbed.  In Rutherford, he saw a woman arguing with a man.  When he walked up to them, the man demanded his wallet.  When he refused, the guy knifed him.  The man and woman then ran away.  The 20-year old student will be ok.

Some love it, others think it's sick. Protesters and hunters will be out and about in the woods of northwest Jersey today, as the garden state's annual bear hunt gets underway.

Security is tight at Mendham high school this morning after a threat was received this weekend.  Police are not giving specifics. But parents who got an automated call from the district say threats were written on two walls in the high school.

Devious telemarketers know you won't answer your phone without looking at the caller i.d. And that's why they're finding ways around it. An assembly panel has approved a bill to bolster protections for Jerseyans against caller ID Fraud.

The Grinch stories are starting early this year.  A man and woman stole donated toys from a Bayonne pharmacy this weekend after claiming to be from the toys for tots charity.  There have been similar scams hitting drop off locations around the country.  Police do have surveillance video.

If your kids have a Sony Playstation, listen to this. There are signs that Sony's online PlayStation store may have been the target of a cyber attack. Sony says the store was inaccessible to users for two hours Monday. The cause is under investigation, and it's unclear what hackers may have gained.  Last week, Sony Pictures was hacked and several unreleased movies were leaked on the internet.

Employers aren't always interested in a college degree, especially as their workers get older. In today's age of rapidly-changing technology, more companies are looking for workers with specific skills, but how do you keep up?

Legislation to provide tax credits for New Jersey businesses who hire disabled veterans has been rolled out in Trenton.

More details are out this morning about that fiery crash on route 78 that left one person dead.  Police now say a 24-year old driving an Audi jumped on westbound 78 from the parkway and ran right into the path of an oncoming fuel tanker.  He was killed.  The tanker driver escaped before his rig went up in a giant fireball.

A panel of top business economists is forecasting stronger growth for the U.S. economy next year. The national association for business economics says continued job gains and a boost in consumer spending linked to the recent big drop in energy prices should kick the economy into a higher gear, the highest since 2005.

As we wrap up 2014 a new survey finds many business owners expect economic conditions to improve over the next 12 months.

A tax stabilization plan for Atlantic City's casinos is on the agenda for Trenton lawmakers today.  They will also talk about sending emergency aid to the city.  Four casinos have closed this year and the future of the Taj Mahal is still in doubt.

Have you ever suffered from depression?  Maybe you know someone who has.  Nearly eight percent of Americans suffer with depression and yet, only about 35 percent seek treatment.

What's so great about the garden state?  Each Monday, we are profiling some of the individuals and groups that make the garden state such a great place to live.  A popular Monmouth County holiday event returns for its 9th year.

WEATHER from chief meteorologist Dan Zarrow:

TODAY... Mostly cloudy and chilly... Highs 33-42

TONIGHT... Rain arrives, and becomes heavier through the night. Lows 30-39

TOMORROW... Moderate to heavy rain, with gusty winds. Highs 40-48

WEDNESDAY... Rain and snow showers ending. Mostly cloudy. Highs 40-44

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Pick 3: 7-1-0

Straight pays $209. Box pays $34.50. Pair pays $20.50.

Pick 4: 1-1-2-2

Straight pays $565.50. Box pays $94.

Cash 5: 08-12-20-21-42

5 of 5 pays $0. 4 of 5 pays $514. 3 of 5 pays $15.

Here are the winning numbers selected Sunday In the midday New Jersey State Lottery drawing:

Pick 3: 7-2-6

Straight pays $272. Box pays $45.00, Pair pays $27.

Pick 4: 6-7-5-3

Straight pays $3,871. Box pays $161.

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