In wake of the tragedies in Newtown, Connecticut, New Jersey Assemblyman Joe Cryan is suggesting that parents reconsider buying violent video games as holiday gifts this year. Cryan makes it very clear that he is not suggesting that he understands the motivations of the alleged shooter, but says this holiday season has already been mired in enough violence and tragedy and enough is enough.

“Until more information and evidence can be offered as to the role such games play in the psyche of people like Adam Lanza, I would urge parents to keep these types of games out of the hands of their children,” explains Cryan. “I’m the first to admit that we shouldn’t be legislating in everyone’s homes, but enough is enough with these games. At the very least they serve to desensitize our young people to violence.”

The Assemblyman is also urging parents who may be unsure about the contents of certain video games to Google the ‘Entertainment Software Rating Board.’ There you can find detailed reviews of nearly every game so parents can decide if it’s appropriate for their child.

Cryan says, “Regardless of age, it would benefit us all as a grieving nation to avoid unnecessarily violent imagery this season, in particular.”