Governor Chris Christie hurried into NJ101.5's studio for Monday night's "Ask the Governor" program with daughters Sarah and Bridget in tow.

"Tonight Mom is away on business," Christie explained, and so he brought his daughters in to watch the program.

At one point in the show, NJ101.5 News Director Eric Scott asks Christie, "I'll bet you're a scary dude when you get mad."

The Governor starts to answer, then turns to his daughter Sarah and invites her to answer the question on air.

An amused Sarah says, "Depends what he's mad about. I mean he's not scary, but he lays down the law."

"Emphatic? Forceful?" Scott prompts.

"I've lived with him for sixteen years so it's fine," she says.

"Hanging in there," Christie jokes.

At the very end of the show, daughter Bridget is invited to sign off the show.

"Thanks for listening to Ask the Governor," Bridget says.

"You know we've got internship programs going this summer," Scott says.

Listen to Sarah explain how her dad's "not scary."
Listen to Bridget end the show.