Trailing in the polls and struggling for name recognition, Republican U.S. Senate candidate Joe Kyrillos has released his first television ad. Adhering to the theory of keeping things simple, the ad’s title is “I’m Joe.”

The TV spot introduces Kyrillos to New Jersey voters with a bipartisan call to fix the economy and renew the promise of America through strong leadership and less finger pointing. The ad began airing today on cable television markets throughout New Jersey during the Republican National Convention when people are most likely paying closer attention to politics and the issues.

"If there is one thing we want voters to know walking into the voting booth, it's that Joe will provide the strong leadership necessary to fix our economy and renew the promise of America,” says Kyrillos Campaign Manager Chapin Fay. "This stands in stark contrast to Senator (Bob) Menendez’ record of blaming others for the anemic economy, record unemployment and skyrocketing debt he helped create.”

The full script to "I’m Joe" is as follows:

“I’m Joe Kyrillos. I’m running for the United States Senate and let me tell you why. I believe in the promise of America -- the opportunity to work hard and build a good life. I believe we can fix our economy with strong leadership and less finger pointing. I believe it’s time to get this right for our children, grandchildren, and America’s future. And that’s why I’m running. I’m Joe Kyrillos and I approved this message.”