The city of Newark is threatening to tow Uber drivers at Newark Liberty International Airport and Penn Station, saying they're violating city taxi ordinances.

The Record reported Newark chief prosecutor Evans C. Anyanwu ordered police to step up enforcement starting Feb. 22 and "tow Uber drivers" he said are operating in violation of unspecified city laws.

"After Feb. 22, the continued violation of the city's laws will result in civil and criminal penalties for Uber and its drivers," wrote Anyanqu in a letter sent late last month to Salle Yoo, Uber's general counsel in San Francisco, the newspaper reported.

Uber spokesman Craig Ewer told the newspaper that the company will "stand by our driver-partners by fully compensating those subject to unjust fines or citations as a result of the city's actions" and urged the city stop trying to "restrict competition and consumer choice."

Taxi drivers protested services such as Uber and Lyft in January to get legislation approved requiring them to be licensed and regulated according to NJ Advance Media. Drivers told the news site that their business has dropped off significantly since ride share services have gained in popularity.

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