A routine traffic stop at the Holland Tunnel led to the arrest of a Newark man Thursday after Port Authority police found he owed more than $3,000 in unpaid tolls.

Police Car (Photo credit: welcomia, ThinkStock)

While on patrol on the Jersey City side of the tunnel around 9 a.m., an officer pulled over Hanif F. Gibbs, 31, for driving a 2002 Infiniti Sedan while using a cell phone, NJ.com reported. The suspect also allegedly went through an E-ZPass lane without an E-ZPass device visible in his vehicle, triggering a "toll unpaid" violation sign PAPD spokesman Joe Pentangelo told NJ.com.

Police later discovered that Gibbs owed more than $3,000 in fines and toll violations. He also had active warrants out of Springfield and Irvington totaling more than $500. In addition, his vehicle inspection sticker had expired.

The suspect has been charged with theft of services, bail-jumping and traffic violations.