The New Jersey Assembly has passed Nikki’s Law which calls for distracted driving signs to be posted on Garden State roads.

Flickr User Viviandnguyen


With all due respect to Nikki Kellenyi, an 18 year old who tragically died in an automobile accident last year, wouldn’t looking at the sign itself, while driving, be a distraction? Should we be spending taxpayer money on signs to remind people what hey should already know? Do you really think that if someone sees the sign, they are going to stop whatever distracting thing they are doing and focus on the road? Is this trip really necessary?

But what if these signs could bring in money for the state? Why not sell space on the signs? Would it be so bad if your “Don’t Drive Distracted” sign had a fast food or soda logo on it? It could actually seem like these people care how you drive. I’m not really sure that they care how you eat.


At this point, we should not pass on any opportunity to bring in money to the state. Since these companies are buying billboards anyway, why shouldn’t New Jersey profit from it?

Who knows, maybe when you’re reminded not to be distracted, you may also be reminded that you’re hungry. What do you see as the biggest driving distraction?