A New Jersey therapist says we need help if we’re spending too much time on the cell phone while driving. I totally agree, although I wouldn’t call it an "addiction," I would call it an "affliction." I’m handicapped with so many jobs and so little time that the only way to get the work done is to use the cell phone while driving.

If it were up to me, talking on a handheld cell phone would be totally legal especially when you think about all the other things you can do while driving, such as eating an overstuffed sandwich, drinking a hot cup of coffee, or even smoking a cigarette. But I digress.

But in New Jersey if you get caught, it’s a fine of up to $400. Maybe that should be the next Jersey video game, driving on the Turnpike distracted and trying to maneuver through the cars. Heck, in Jersey we do that everyday.

For me, my car is my office. When I’m driving alone I can get stuff done. It’s also a great time to catch up with my friends whom I never get to see because they are in the same boat that I am, or would that be car? If I have quiet time, I get bored and find myself checking e-mail or looking to do something. Fortunately or unfortunately, there’s always something to do.

But if the belief is "if I’m addicted to the cellphone I need help," I think the best cure would be an assistant, or in my case perhaps a staff.

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