Despite a report last week that the New Jersey Devils would be taken over by the NHL, it seems more and more likely that Josh Harris, the owner of the Philadelphia 76ers is going to become the owner of the New Jersey Devils.

According to,

For now, Harris and Devils owner Jeff Vanderbeek have agreed on a sale price for the club. While the exact details were unclear, it is probably more than $240 million, enough to cover debt payments, including $30 million the Devils borrowed from Andrew Barroway, a lawyer who is also from Philadelphia, to help the organization pay its bills the last several months.

It was widely reported that the loan established Barroway as the favorite to buy the team, but talks between Vanderbeek and Harris apparently intensified in the last few days.

Since New Jersey and Philadelphia are arch rivals in sports, how could Harris run a team that shares the Flyers home? How would that go over with the Philly fans who support both the Flyers and Sixers? Would they feel that supporting the Sixers could be putting money in the pocket of the Flyers arch rival?

Then again, if Harris runs the Devils the way he has run the Sixers so far, who finished 34-48 and have gone 4 months without a coach and are sinking fast, Flyers fans may end up hoping he buys the Rangers too.

If Philadelphia businessman and 76ers' owner Josh Harris does buy the Devils from Jeff Vanderbeek, and word is that they have agreed to a sale price, how does that make you feel?