The mayor of my town of Medford New Jersey resigned Monday amidst a sex scandal and a shaky financial situation that has tarnished the towns image as of late. Well, this past Saturday night the town held its annual "Dickens Festival" complete with carolers and characters in 18th century garb and a live nativity scene off Main St.

I've been taking my kids there since they were little and this past weekend my son and his girlfriend and my daughter came with us. It was more crowded and more festive than usual and it seems a good time was had by all. It was a real small town, traditional American celebration of the Christmas season. I wish you could have all been there.

It felt like the good old days and there was just a general feeling of joy in the air. Pardon me for being hokey, but with the negative press the town has gotten lately and the tendency to dwell on the negative news of when people have been gathering places recently, I thought I'd throw something "wholesome" into the mix for a change. And it's not often there's a real live camel next to three pretend wise men in New Jersey these days. Maybe three "wise guys" smoking Camels is more of what we're used to, but this was nice for a change!