Q. My husband did our tax returns and he asked me to sign and I did. I didn’t read them and now I can’t find them. He says I shouldn’t worry about it. I’m getting worried that he doesn’t want me to see something. What can I do?
— Spouse

A. If your husband seems to be keeping your returns from you, you may have a bigger problem.

But we’ll stick to your returns.

Start by trying to find a copy of your returns from prior years, said Gail Rosen, a Martinsville-based certified public accountant.

Rosen said the information on your old returns will educate you on your joint income and assets.

If that doesn’t work and if your spouse will not share the return with you, you can get a copy from the IRS or your paid tax preparer — if you used one).

“The IRS now charges $50 for a copy of your tax return,” Rosen said. “To receive a copy, complete Form 4506 and mail to the IRS address listed on the instructions.”

It’s essential that you learn what’s on the return because you signed it, and you could be held responsible for any errors or unpaid tax if your husband hasn’t been honest on the returns.

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