For this Mother's Day, let's skip the filters and share a real glimpse of what it means to enter this 'squad' of parenthood. I recently urged moms to share their first family photos, after that Royal family picture was released, both beautiful and exasperating at once.

You know, the one with Duchess Kate fulfilling her royal 'duty' to get glammed up and put on a dress and heels to stand outside, hours after giving birth to her third baby. As I had hoped, some fellow fierce mamas proudly shared their photos and stories. Some had smooth deliveries, other had labored for hours, some were still dealing with extra anxiety over their new arrivals, and all of us were pretty damn tired but excited.

NJ moms photo tribute

Amid our digitally 'enhanced' lives, with photo filter apps and unsolicited advice and alerts and distractions, it's nice to take this weekend and make it about simple celebration of all those working to fill that motherly role. Whether by birth, adoption, fostering or mentoring, parenthood isn't easy and it isn't always pretty.

I definitely tear up much more easily these days. And, I find myself yelling about things like toothpaste and shoes and pajamas. My daily emotional range is much more complex than ever before. But, I honestly can't think of anything I'm prouder of than the two tiny humans who make me melt every-time they call me "mama." A very happy Mother's Day to you and yours!

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