The weekend forecast turned out pretty well. Lots of bright sunshine and deep blue skies, and very mild in the afternoons with highs in the upper 50s to even near 60.

It got even warmer than expected by a few degrees.

Even though Sunday was much cooler in spots, it still reached 55 in Trenton and 59 in Lakehurst.  That was the exception rather than the rule.  It only reached 45 in Newark on Sunday, for example.

Today, we are looking for some sun followed by increasing clouds with temperatures well into the 50s, possibly even 60.  Certainly well into the 50s, though, but much cooler near the ocean.

Rain and showers arrive during the hours after midnight tonight, probably after 1 or 2 in the morning.

We'll look to have a pretty wet day tomorrow, certainly the first half or first two-thirds of Tuesday look pretty wet with some rain, but pretty mild conditions.

Then the rain will move out late afternoon or early in the evening Tuesday, and set us up for a clear to partly cloudy day on Wednesday.

Although there will be a brisk West-Northwest wind, there won't be too much cold air back for us by the day.  Temperatures will be, at least, at or above 50.  In fact, there may be some low to mid 50s for high temperatures on Wednesday.