The mother of the boy seen in a viral video of being put in a Camden laundromat washing machine says she is pressing charges. The Camden County Prosecutor says he will not files any charges in thecase.

Sakia David told NBC's Ann Curry on the Today show first saw the video on TV early Wednesday morning and had the same reaction of "Oh my God" as others who watched it. It wasn't until police knocked on her door that she realized it was her son Samir in the video.

Curry noted a small scratch on Samir's head and asked if David thinks her child needs more medical attention. She wants to "make sure everything is good" because Samir was in the washer for at least 5 minutes.

Sondra, the babysitter, told David  that Samir  had fallen down the stairs.

David  warned Sondra that "this is not over" as she is going to press charges, contrary to an earlier statement. "She sat there and watched them put my baby in the washer," David explained to Curry, "so it's both of their fault."

When Curry pressed David on what she'd like to happen to Sondra, David said she'd like to see Sondra "punished (and) sent to jail."She said she doesn't like to discuss the video because it makes her "real sad" and angry.

Samir's father is in jail and is aware of the video. David said he is encouraging her to pursue legal action.

David said she has yet to meet Kong Eng, the laundromat employee who got Samir out of the washer. "If it wasn't for him he'd probably be dead."


The Camden County Prosecutor, meanwhile, says he will not file any charges in the case. Policesay  the man was unaware the machine would automatically start.