The car belonging  to a woman who was missing for several days was pulled from the Passaic River on Saturday.

Wallington Police said it took five hours to recover the Mitsubishi Gallant that belonged to Devorah Stubin, 22, of Maywood, who has been missing since Thursday. Police responding to a call about a hole in a fence in back of the Warner-Wozniak Funeral  funeral home on Midland Avenue looked down an embankment into the river and saw debris of a vehicle in the water, according to reports.

A body was found in the car, though police have not yet announced any confirmation the body is Stubin's.

“We sent divers into the water, ” Bergen County Sheriff Michael Saudino told CBS New York. “They were able to grab the license plate and, sadly, it was determined that it’s the license plate of the young lady.”

Police said the Bergen County Medical Examiner is conducting an autopsy on Sunday and will make positive ID of the body found inside the car. Citing the Bergen County Sheriff's Chaplin, ABC 7 reports Stubin's family identified the body as that of Devorah.

Stubin, who suffers from partial complex seizure disorder, was last seen in Maywood on Thursday night when she was pulled over by police for not having her headlights on, according to reports.

According to the Epilepsy Foundation, a person suffering from a complex partial seizure may appear to be daydreaming. Such seizures can wipe out memories of events just prior, and can cause a person to lose awareness and stare blankly. A person suffering a from a seizure may move his or her mouth, pick the air or clothing, or perform other mindless activities.

In some cases, people may repeat words or phrases, laugh, scream, or cry, according to the foundation.

"Some people do things during these seizures that can be dangerous or embarrassing, such as walking into traffic or taking their clothes off," the foundation writes.

Police have been asking anyone with information on Stubin to contact the Passaic Police Department at 973-365-3900.

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