Tonight I want to salute your brave husbands, wives, sons, daughters, family members, neighbors and friends who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice so that we can live in the bosom of freedom.

With that in mind, you can help me dedicate a portion of the show to them.

Just list below in the comments section the story of their selfless sacrifice.

Then feel free to call in tonight at 1 800 283 1015 and listen to the stories of the many of your Jersey neighbors who’ve had family and friends who've given all in the name of freedom.

No matter the conflict, no matter how long ago…their memories have to be still be fresh in your mind.

So before we do all the typical summer activities like fire up the grill, head to the shore, open the pool, et al; let's give a nod to those who’ve served and, in the words of Billy Ray Cyrus, “given all!"

After all, isn’t this why we commemorate Memorial Day?

Let’s not forget.

Feel free to tell your stories below.