New Jersey's Medical marijuana law remains on hold. The latest dust-up was over where the pot to be distributed at treatment centers would be grown.

More than one hundred residents and officials crowded a small meeting room to participate in Thursday's nights Upper Freehold Township Committee meeting. The attendance was so large, committee members voted to postpone the public portion. Those in attendance hoped to voice their opinions on a proposed plan to bring a medical marijuana operation to the township. Breakwater Alternative Treatment Center submitted a zoning application to grow pot on a preserved farm.

Those against the proposal said a possible uptick in crime is a concern. Upper Freehold does not have a police force.

It's hard to argue that there is a medical need for cannabis. More importantly, agree or disagree, access to it is the law in New Jersey. Governor Christie doesn't like it. He's said publicly that he would not have signed the law.

Christie prides himself on being a law and order kind of guy, but he continues to drag his feet on this issue. In this case, however, the former prosecutor seems to be taking the view that he should only enforce the the law if he agrees with it.