Baseball is a America's pastime with a bunch of time-honored traditions. But when does following tradition go too far? We may have found the answer in this video. During the ALCS Game 2 between the Red Sox and Tigers last night,  the Tigers' Alex Avila took Red Sox starter Clay Buchholz deep with a home run. As is customary in baseball, when an opposing player hits a run, the fan who usually catches it throws it back on to the field of play.

In last night's game, the woman who caught Avila's ball had that decision made for her.

We don't know if these two people in the video were together or not but the man standing next to the woman who caught the ball rips it from her hand and throws the ball back!

Shouldn't it have been HER choice as to whether she wanted to throw it back or not? As the video is slowed down, you can clearly read her lips saying "That's my ball!" So we're guessing that she didn't want to throw it back. Or maybe it's just the case that she wanted to throw it back herself.

Watch the video below and let us know your thoughts.