When it comes to Christmas wishes, a pet is something that's consistently in the top 10 of New Jerseyans' lists.

I have friends who, with plans to add a furry friend to the household, wait until the holidays since there's no better way to light up someone's face than a (fur) bundle of joy.

My local shelter, the Monmouth County SPCA, knows this, and that's why this time of year, the push is on! There's nothing they'd rather do than encourage you to add a pet to your life – and by the looks of some of the heartbreakers on their website, they won't have to push too hard!

Our former producer, current travel blogger and woman of the world Raquel Guarino, lent her significant talent to their cause by creating and starring in this video. We had to share it with you because:

A) we love Raquel and
B) we don't know who's more adorable, Raquel or the "residents" of the MCSPCA she features herein.

Check it out and see if you don't wanna make the most wonderful time of the year a lot more wonderful for someone you love, not to mention the animal you're about to!