Governor Christie's political "Hail Mary" attaching himself to Donald Trump has paid off. It's looking like our fearless leader will be heading to Washington in some sort of appointed position. If that were to happen Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno will be filling in and would be in perfect position to make a permanent run. She's got everything going for her if that were to happen.

First, by coming out against dedicating the gas tax money to the transportation fund, she's shown that she's not a Christie puppet. The fact that she "digs in" with Bill Spadea puts her in your ear on a weekly basis and shows that she's one of us. If she were to have a campaign rally, she could get her brother in law Pat Guadagno to sing her praises over guitar strumming like Bruce Springsteen did for Hillary. If you've ever seen Pat play, it's definitely worth the price of admission.

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