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1) How difficult is your job to do in the heat?

2) Which classic rock band or artist do you want to see issue a new album? Are you “geeked up” over Pink Floyd releasing its first new album in 20 years? [Poll/Video]

3) Ray’s Back in the Day - Bowling alleys you used to go to back in the day? Is bowling still popular or is it just an old man’s sport?

4) Ever fallen asleep during a concert, a movie, or a game? Yankees fan caught sleeping suing ESPN for $10 million – Bogus Lawsuit?

5) How many tats do you have? And at what age did you get your first tattoo? A man with extreme OCD removes teenage tattoos but gets entire body inked instead.

6) If you’re in food service, would you rather work for a salary and get no tips? There’s a no tipping policy at a new Fishtown restaurant.

7) Would you rather have sports betting in New Jersey or legalized recreational marijuana – [Poll]

8) Where will you find the best bakery in New Jersey? Crumbs Bake Shop will be closing down their Bridgewater Commons location plus others around the country.

9) How has medical marijuana helped you? Is it worth it trying to get it legally? One lawmaker proposes medical marijuana program overhaul despite the Governor’s criticism.

10) Rossi Posse Crime Corner: Help find the killer of Genesis Rincon of Paterson

11) Ray the Ray Heroes of the Day – the bystanders who stopped a robber at Six Flags – have you ever thwarted a crime in progress and how did it go for you?

12 ) NJ Senate passes bill raising smoking age to 21 – At what age did you start? Have you quit or are you trying to quit? By the way, do you think legislators are full of it when they make it harder to smoke but allow cigarettes to be sold anyway?

13) 4 in 10 US Homes Are Cellphone Only – Do you still have a landline?

14) Have you ever had an encounter with a bear? We’re being told Prepare for More Black Bears

15) The Superman logo is being barred by DC Comics from a memorial statue of boy that was starved to death by his grandparents. Do you feel that’s a douchy move on the part of DC Comics.

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