Last week we were horrified by the story of the woman who beat down a former co-worker in South Jersey while a group of bystanders stood by and did nothing – one of whom was recording the incident as though it were an HBO Saturday night fight.

Apparently, according to the victim’s account, he made a purchase inside the park when 20 year old Gary Troxel of New Egypt noticed he had a large amount of cash on him.
It was as the victim was leaving the park that the assailant pushed the victim, grabbed the cash, and attempted to get away.

The victim yelled for help as the bystanders and family members gave chase and eventually blocked the vehicle until cops arrived, according to this report.

This is all part of the scourge of drugs – which we know from past accounts is rampant in Ocean County.

And there’s no doubt family members are rightly upset upon hearing reports that a loved one has been arrested due to actions committed because of his addiction.

But the real story is about the brave bystanders who thwarted a robbery where they could have just stood around – and maybe like the situation in South Jersey – recorded the incident for all posterity.

Bystanders who decided to get involved – Ray the Ray’s Heroes of the Day!