Justin Bieber made one mistake when he was booed at the Billboard music awards. He tried to defend himself. “This is not a gimmick” I’m an artist and I should be taken seriously”  This after 2 separate wins and performances at the Billboard music awards.


Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Now whether you like Bieber’s music or not, you have to acknowledge that he’s the first ever artist to have 5 number one hits on the Billboard top 100. No one else has ever done that, not the Beatles who had 5 hits occupy the top 5 spots in the top forty in 1964, nor the Bee Gees who had 5 of their songs in the top ten at the same time.

So whether you are buying it, somebody’s buying Bieber’s music and that’s what he was recognized for. It wasn’t his look, although in my opinion the tattoos and black shirt looked like a boy toy trying to get street cred. I think we have now reached a point where the black shirt has become the rock n roll school uniform.

It also wasn’t his relationship with the tabloids. It was his music and he doesn’t need to defend that at all. His Billboard achievement award is defense enough.


The mistake Bieber made by defending himself right off the bat in his acceptance speech was that he was playing to the wrong audience. He was never going to win the haters over nor change their mind in the sixty or so seconds he had for his speech. You play to the audience that gets you. By doing that, he would have turned up the volume of cheers and that would have made for a more positive sound bite. Someone needs to tell him that.

Rock n Roll was born out of rebellion. It’s the people’s music and the people have spoken by buying it. That’s the only approval Bieber or anyone else needs.