It looks like "The Bieb" gives his fans more than they hoped for during meet and greets.    Check out this photo that was submitted to Justin Biber's fan site. The fan in the picture, whose Twitter handle is @JocelynnBieber is in the spotlight after posing for this pic with her teen idol. According to her Twitter page, Jocelynn says this about the now infamous pic,"“IM DYING HAHAHAHHAHA IT LOOKS LIKE JUSTIN’S TOUCHING MY BOOB IN THE PICTURE AHAHAHAHHA I CANT.”

This "Belieber," as the pop idol's fans call themselves, says that the photo is an optical illusion because that is not what happened. According to Jocelynn “I whispered that it was my 2nd time sneaking in & he kissed me on the cheek in the picture & it looks like his hand is there.” I guess we'll take her word for it because from out point of view, it DEFINITELY looks like Bieber was copping a feel from his fan.

What do you think? Take a look at the photo and let us know if you think it's a mistake or not.