Late night host Jon Stewart took on Chris Christie's apology and press conference about Bridgegate during the opening segment of Thursday night's Daily Show while David Letterman offered a Chris Christie top 10 list.

The Lawrenceville native said Christie did a "sold-out, two hour non-stop marathon show and he played all the hits" as he showed a montage of edited clips of Christie saying he was sorry.

Stewart also mocked Christie's revelation he first found out about Wednesday's release of emails about Bridgegate after a workout.

Calling it "The Never Ending Sorry," he ended the segment by hitting upon the tone Christie established in his office as he played more clips of some infamous Christie video moments including times he called a reporter an "idiot" and when he yelled at a heckler during a town hall meeting as he was escorted out.

David Letterman, meanwhile, read a Top 10 list titled "Highlights of the Chris Christie Press Conference." Among the highlights: at #10: "Shocking revelation of corruption in New Jersey?" and at #2: "Christie's claim he had no idea a bridge connected New Jersey and New York."

During an interview with Anderson Cooper the Late Show pointed out that the controversy is over a bridge. Cooper said Bridgegate would be more fun if Christie were "in a hot tub with babes and Toronto Mayor Rob Ford smoking crack." Letterman laughed "there's a scandal we can all get behind."



Top Ten Highlights of The Chris Christie Press Conference

10. Shocking revelation of corruption in New Jersey?

9. Blamed the whole thing on getting drunk with Dennis Rodman

8. More profanity than "The Wolf of Wall Street"

7. Claimed his heart was broken, but acknowledged it might be obesity-related

6. Said he wasn't a bully, then put Chris Matthews in a headlock

5. Christie's claim he had no idea a bridge connected New Jersey and New York

4. An appearance by the fake sign language guy

3. Boldly took responsibility by blaming everyone but himself

2. Announced plans to execute his uncle

1. Interrupted press conference to smoke crack