The new era of  “The Tonight show” began last night with Jimmy Fallon who brought it back to New York after 42 years. 

Jimmy Fallon (Getty Images)


Fallon entered first through a blue curtain and told audience (that contained his parents,) what it meant to him to be hosting the pinnacle of late night.

After the heart to heart conversation in which he explained what his show will be about, he then went off stage and started over with a monologue followed by collecting $100 from each of his friends who bet him he would never host the Tonight show.

His 'friends' included Robert DeNiro, Joe Namath, former Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Mariah Carey, Tracy Morgan, Joan Rivers, Tina Fey, Kim Kardashian, Lindsay Lohan, Mike Tyson, and Lady Gaga. This concluded with Steven Colbert dumping a bucket of change on Fallon, then posing for a selfie and exclaiming “Welcome to 11:30 bitch!"

Fallon brought “Superlatives" to “Tonight” then invited about 2 dozen audience members to the roof of 30 Rock to watch U2 perform. The band would later sit on Jimmy's couch for an interview. Bono even gave a speech about his coffee mug!

The first official guest was Will Smith, who performed a skit with Fallon on the evolution of Hip Hop. This puts Fallon ahead of the other hosts - he actually performs with his guests, instead of just interviewing them.

Did you watch the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon? What did you think?