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1) Shutting down the house: 'Jersey Shore' ending run…do you feel the show was an economic boon to the shore while it was on…or an insult to the shore, portraying it in a negative light?

2) Jersey Shore leaders say they need the boardwalks to be rebuilt by summer – Do you believe they will meet their goal? Would you be willing to pay more to use the beaches if they raise the beach tag fee? And which boardwalk would you miss the most if it didn’t open in time for summer?

3) In South Jersey, the Washington Township Board of Education is also discussing having in-school police officers in wake of Sandy Hook massacre.

4) Do you go along with the bill in N.J. Senate that would force stores to charge between 5 to 15 cents for each plastic or paper bag distributed…

5) Should Edison Cops be Allowed to Sell Their Used Guns to Licensed Firearms Dealers? [POLL]

6) If you graduated college this past year…are you like many Princeton University students from the class of 2012 stressed out by job market and still looking for work in your chosen field?

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