I never knew what came of used guns once police officials were done with them.
Now I know...or at least I have a better idea.

They, in many cases, get sold to licensed gun dealers…which, to me, the layman when it comes to firearms, makes sense.

Although there is some concern that the guns can wind up in the wrong hands…especially in light of what’s happened this past Friday.

So the issue has developed into a tug of war between the Mayor who points to the Connecticut school shooting in opposing Edison police gun sales.

Earlier this month, Mayor Antonia Ricigliano vetoed a Town Council resolution that will allow the police department to sell its used handguns to licensed firearms dealers. On Wednesday, the Town Council, composed of her fellow Democrats, overrode that veto. That means that when the Edison Police Department buys new guns, it will now be able to sell its old ones.

"It is to me so tragic that two days after they overrode my veto, that this terrible tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut took place," Ricigliano said. "It’s just extremely sad."

There's no evidence that links the guns that Adam Lanza used to kill 26 people to any police department. But Ricigliano says that in principle, the town should do everything it can to keep as many guns as possible off the streets.

"God forbid anything happens, we would never want to trace it back to the Edison police," Ricigliano said. "Even though, once it’s sold it is no longer our legal responsibility, there’s a moral responsibility that we all bear."

Before the Town Council passed the resolution, the town could either melt down the firearms or sell them to Edison police officers. The town can make $40,000 to $50,000 dollars in selling the guns to licensed firearms dealers, helping offset the costs of new purchases, advocates said.

"As much as certain people have issues with it, we have to… help the taxpayers," Council President Robert Karabinchak said. "When we buy the guns, we buy them from registered dealers. We’re selling the guns back to registered dealers."

And whoever purchases those guns will have to pass legal standards, which in New Jersey includes a background check and other strict measures, Karabinchak said.

According to the story, 12 years ago, the town was allowed to sell its used guns to licensed dealers, but after a crime had been committed involving the use of a handgun that had once belonged to a police officer, a resolution was passed banning the resale of police guns.

That ban has since been reversed.

So you have a choice…melt them down, or sell them to Edison police officers, as has been the case…or sell them to licensed gun dealers and offset the cost of new ones.

I go with option B.

I like the relative safety of knowing I’m selling that firearm to a licensed dealer who’s passed all the required background checks.