With only a couple of days left in 2011, many Jersey residents are hoping for bigger and better things from state officials next year.

One man said "impeach Governor Christie, who is the worst Governor we've ever had…and I hope Barack Obama will lose the election too."

Another shopper said "get the tolls down- they're going up- and see if we can get some people working in this state- that's important too."

A woman standing nearby chimed in "we would like to see that they support the family- and what we really need is jobs, people are hurting, and even if you hear that the economy is moving and people are shopping, that's not the real truth - we have a real need to create jobs- and not only to create jobs, but to help companies be able to create jobs."

Another shopper said "let's get out of debt- how they're going to do that is anyone's guess - and also take care of senior citizens, do a little more, reduce taxes."

"I think I'd like to see less corruption" said a woman standing a few feet away, "and I also want to see holding as many jobs as possible especially in the police department and the fire departments."

Other suggestions included "better education, bring the Number 7 line over to Jersey, get it together - worry about the school systems - keep our children educated."

A ten year old boy also chimed in "people (should) stop polluting the water - cause there's a lot of fish in there, and if you keep polluting it, they might be extinct."