Happy Thanksgiving Weekend from New Jersey 101.5! This is the biggest "home for the holiday" weekend of the year!

College students have returned home for the weekend to reconnect with family and friends and thousands of young families and young adults are back in towns to feast with parents and grandparents. Many will be hanging out with friends at bars, nightclubs and their local high school football game!

New Jersey 101.5 celebrates this massive return to the nest on a "Jersey Homecoming Weekend"! From Wednesday night at 7pm through the entire Thanksgiving Weekend we'll be featuring hits from Jersey singers, groups and bands...plus a few Jersey Christmas songs! You'll get your fill of tunes from hometown favorites The Four Seasons, Southside Johnny, Kool & The Gang, Bon Jovi, and of course Bruce Springsteen who just gave us a holiday gift announcing a new album and tour coming in 2012!

Top 40 Songs By Jersey Artists