East Brunswick's Jax continues to advance on Fox's "American Idol" as she cracks the show's Top 24 with a performance at House of Blues in Los Angeles.

Jax performs at the House of Blues on American Idol (YouTube)

"Hello top 24 of @AmericanIdol! Love you guys. Feeling so blessed," tweeted the 18-year-old after her performance of Lady Gaga's "You and I" that was met with mixed reaction from the judges.

"I'm actually crying right now. Thank you guys so much for keeping me strong through this," she said. "I have no words for what I'm feeling. Love you."

In a performance she dedicated to her father, John Miskanic, Jax stopped and walked out from behind her piano for what she later called a "dramatic intentional pause" before continuing with the song. "I wanted to confuse people, if that makes sense."  But a disapproving Jennifer Lopez called the move an indication of her "greenness," and did not think it was one of her best performances.

Keith Urban, who let out a whoop during the performance, was the one that broke the news that she was advancing to the Top 24.  Jax came around the corner and said "Top 24!" to her waiting parents who leaped up and gave her a big hug. "I'm ready to be the next American Idol," exclaimed Jax as her father told her he was proud of her.

Jax and her father John Miskanic (@Jax via Twitter)

In a pre-taped segment before she sang, Jax talked about her dad being a retired member of the FDNY after being injured responding to 9/11. "He was literally put on this earth to help other people. It was rough for him to give that up. He's my hero; I need to make him proud."

The only two New Jersey residents to make the Top 24 are East Orange's Anwar Robinson who finished 4th during the 7th season in 2008 while Jermaine Jones from Pine Hill who finished 12th during the show's 11th season in 2012.

The show shifts to live programs next week as viewers will be able to vote on performances and ultimately determine who leaves the show each week.